Informit Records: 3rd Series

Arena (3rd series), ISSN 2652-4775, is available from Informit.

Arena Magazine is currently included in two Informit full text products: Australian Public Affairs collection: Full Text - Issue 1 (1991) onwards, and Humanities & Social Sciences collection: Full Text - Issue 100 (Apr/June 2009) onwards.

Arena Journal (peer reviewed, published by Arena Printing and Publishing Pty Ltd, ISSN: 1320-6567) is included in: Australian Public Affairs collection: Full Text - Issue 1 (1992) onwards, and Literature & Culture collection: Full Text - Issue 21 (2003) onwards.

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Green pathways to a people’s future

'Fire' may be an appropriate way to think and talk about the climate-change emergency, not just because we are literally dealing with a burning world but also because it does not bring with it the concerns associated with 'rule by emergency'.

The free and the brave

Above Pompeii, Vesuvius lies cold. The earth has not disgorged enteric fire...

Television scenes from a brothel [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Harlots, by (Monumental Pictures, 2017-19); The Deuce, by (Blown Deadline Productions, 2017-19).

‘Nativist’ social movement to ‘postcolonial’ democratisation

Myths of history and identity leading to the Hong Kong protests

From universal love to global anomie [Book Review]

Review(s) of: From universal love to global anomie, by Christos Tsiolkas and Michel Houellebecq, on the beginning and end of Western civilisation