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Geoff Sharp

2 Jan 2017

Features of the Intellectually Trained

From Arena issue 15, 1968. PDF, 6.5 MB.

These notes are a condensation of points made in preparing a longer article. Our aim is to reach out after some generalization of the conditions under which and the processes by which the ideology of the intellectually trained is formed…

Intellectuals in Transition

From Arena issue 65, 1983. PDF, 2.8 MB.

This article is the somewhat expanded text of a contribution to the 1983 Conference of the Sociological Association of Australia and New Zealand. The organizers had requested the editors of Arena and Thesis II to contribute to a forum and exchange of views on “Intellectuals and the Reproductions of Society”. The version printed here is filled out to a degree by the addition of more illustrative references…

Constitutive Abstraction and Social Practice

From Arena issue 70, 1985. PDF, 7.9 MB.

You will have gathered from the brief outlines of these discussions that our intention is both to sponsor and to contribute to a relatively basic discussion of the possibilities of a renewed socialist practice. By this we mean a practice which is continuous with the marxist tradition in that it seeks to go to the root of the existing life form, but one which at the same time does not fear to strike out in new directions when the established forms of critical practice have lost touch with emergent movements for change…

Intellectual Interchange and Social Practice

From Arena issue 99/100, 1992. PDF, 4.6 MB.

The editorial for this final issue of Arena points to some of the directions in which two new Arena publications are likely to mode. It concentrates on how and why the concerns of the current journal have led to these proposals and restricts itself to general comments only upon the dramatic transformations of the whole context which Arena has sought to address. While it emphasizes that the heightened significance of intellectual practices is at the centre of these changes, it does not follow through to the end of implications of this argument.

The purpose of this article is to continue that project…

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