The New Danger Zones

Editorial: Battening Down the Hatches

Despite all our problems—all our terrible forebodings—it seems we remain wedded, yet, to a form of life that is, simply, unsustainable, and to a form of human organisation that is ethically bankrupt.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 8, 2021


Alison Caddick1
The Limits of COP2
From the ecological moment to uninterrupted systems management
Guy Rundle3
Funding climate collapse in the Northern Territory
Kirsty Howey7
Scott Morrison’s climate politics and theology of natural exploitation
Paul Tyson12
COVID, colonialism and fighting the memes of conspiracy in the Northern Territory
Lisa Stefanoff17
Medicine and military tactics against COVID-19 in Australia
Warwick Anderson22
As we emerge from this strange COVID season, can we know what makes us human?
Robert DiNapoli27
There’s nothing normal or safe about nuclearisation
John Hinkson32
AUKUS has ensured that Australia’s future will be tied to US warmongering
Alison Broinowski41
AUKUS and the Australian Way of War
Clinton Fernandes49
Merkel Melancholia
Moving on from Merkelism?
Ben Gook55
Fighting sovereign commandment in the name of popular will
Nick Cheesman60
Identity and the affective regimes of information and cultural consumption
Simon Cooper71
Time Travel Through Unfinished Business
Kathleen Mary Fallon79
Another personal story from the 1960s
Evan Jones84
You Should Give a F*ck About Your Food
Why You Should Give a F*ck about Farming, by Gabrielle Chan
Stefano Di Pieri89
Mind the Gap
Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis: Steps Towards a Metacosmics, by Daniel Ross
Richard King92
How Should We Protest?
Peace Crimes: Pine Gap, National Security and Dissent, by Kieran Finnane
Gerry Simpson94
The Magi’s Visitation
Robert DiNapoli54
Blast; Intimations; Vedic Shit Shows, One More Time; Sleep Out; From River Deeps, Dragons Sing Out; Nothing Coming Off
Barry Hill66

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