Care After COVID

Care is so often undervalued and taken for granted. Yet what would our society be without care – care for our children and frail elderly, care for the environment, care in education?
In this issue, Fiona Jenkins, Elise Klein, Gabrielle Meagher and Daniel Ross show the essential value of care, and how it must take a central place in thinking and planning.

Editorial: Borders and Grounded Community

…there is the absolute obligation to our citizens that there is somewhere on earth whose care for them is absolute.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 6, 2021


Guy Rundle2
The US–Australia alliance and the escalation of risk
Clinton Fernandes4
The Fossil Fuel Order and the clean-energy rebellion
David Ritter8
Coal, Smoke and Sun
Lessons from Europe for Gippsland’s post-coal transition
Chloe Shortis and Emma Ward16
On China's Social Credit System
Timothy Erik Ström24
Demolition in Israel/Palestine as settler-colonial policy
Jeff Halper32
The long-discounted chains of dependency in caring for humans and environment
Fiona Jenkins37
When care is the focus of punitive welfare policy: ParentsNext
Elise Klein43
A Genealogy of Aged Care
Big business, ‘consumer empowerment’ and the undermining of care for the elderly
Gabrielle Meagher49
Dare to Think Past the Anthropocene
On education, care and the shaping of new improbabilities
Daniel Ross57
Walking the Wilding Paths
Savouring the Planet
At journey’s end, connection, community and actionable hope
Holly Gurling76
Visual Essay
Never It Was
Morganna Magee70
Libraries of Knowledge, Living Female Bodies
Reflecting on 'Flesh After Fifty'
Josephine Mead85
Review Essays
What You Reading?
Ali Smith's Seasonal Quartet
Valerie Krips88
Go Slow and Break Things
Breaking Things at Work: The Luddites Are Right about Why You Hate Your Job, by Gavin Mueller
Richard King92
Consoling Illusions?
Can’t Get You Out of My Head, by Adam Curtis
Guy Rundle95
In Moderatione Felicitas
John Zedolik82
New Eyes
David Mason84

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