Arena Quarterly no. 2

In Arena no. 2, writers explore COVID-19 and some of its multifarious societal implications, plus university protests in India, Australia’s role in intrigues at home and abroad, and the co-optation of the caring professions in ‘Countering Violent Extremism’.

Editorial: American Dream

Not just precarity but destitution threatens under conditions of COVID, and especially in the United States it threatens people of colour.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 2, 2020


Alison Caddick2
When gods and gribblies visit: human incomprehension of the malign and the invisible
Robert DiNapoli6
In this COVID moment, let's rethink the growth machine
Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson12
The state surveillance of Muslims and the co-optation of the caring professions
Linda Briskman and Susie Latham24
Will COVID-19 kill the corporate university?
Simon Cooper32
Protest and suppression of dissent in India's universities
Subarno Chattarji40
Trauma Talk
How our vulnerabilities are shaped and trauma is framed
Mark Furlong46
Motherhood as Misery?
Postnatal depression is not the norm
Rhonda Small54
Arena Essay
A High-Tech Pandemic?
Globalisation and high-tech capitalism have shifted the boundaries between human and nature
John Hinkson
On Walking Now
From the flâneur to the surveilled self
Andrew Benjamin76
The mask as talisman and stigma
Warwick Anderson80
Visual Essay
Behind Glass
Lisa Sorgoni57
Review Essays
Brian Toohey’s Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State and Bernard Collaery’s Oil Under Troubled Water: Australia’s Timor Sea Intrigue
Clinton Fernandes85
Oedipal Capitalism
Michael Winterbottom’s Greed
Neil Maizels91
Chaos-Bringing 'Men in Time'
Benjamin R. Teitelbaum's War for Eternity: The Return of Traditionalism and the Rise of the Populist Right
Guy Rundle94
Green Bans
The Assassins
Micaela Sahhar72

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