Imperium East and West

In Arena Quarterly Issue 10, titled ‘Imperium East and West’, we focus on the Russia–Ukraine war. Is it most of all Vladimir Putin’s urge to empire that is implicated in this disaster; is the West engaged in a proxy war, encouraging Ukrainians to fight and die for a US agenda; how much is a more general barbarity emerging, at least in part as a consequence of globalisation and the unravelling of democracy everywhere? There are articles on the election—the Albanese win and the Teals—on Woodside and the gas agenda, on the Queensland floods, on psychoanalysis and ‘lived experience’, on coffee and Melbourne, and much much more.

Editorial: The Election and the Glue that Binds

But nothing in the Labor Party vision speaks to the meaning of the combined crises that reach across personal life, economy, culture and environment, not to mention international borders. Each is a silo for policy.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 10, 2022


Alison Caddick1
Ask Not For Whom the Bell Teals
Guy Rundle4
Labor Legacies
Frank Bongiorno11
Experiencing the Floods
Hiliary Bambrick
Roger D. Markwick19
Collateral Warfare
Alison Broinowski28
Warlords East and West
John Hinkson33
Visual Essay
Surface to Air
Stanislava Pinchuk
Hard-Wired for Corruption
Michelle Fahy42
Left for Dead
Susan Connelly51
What the Bitcoin Is Going On?
Hernan Gabriel Borisonik58
Gaslit Futures
David Ritter65
Theory and Practice
The Problem with 'Lived Experience'
David Ferraro76
The City
Melbourne's Aesthetic Turn
Stephen Pascoe84
Fast Drums, Slow Genocide
Charlie Smith91
Undoing Hierarchies
David Turnbull94
Born for Leaving
Valerie Krips98
Mariupol Maternity, 2022 Pietà
Robert DiNapoli27

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