What Rough Beast?

Editorial: What Rough Beast?

Western sentiment and geopolitical reorderings

Ukraine marks the point where the culture wars have opened out onto the geopolitical landscape, aligning progressives with neocons, humanitarians with warmongers.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 12, 2022


Western sentiment and geopolitical reorderings
Simon Cooper3
History and politics in Australian stamps
Humphry McQueen8
After Ukraine, might a multipolar world emerge?
Clinton Fernandes10
Where do Italy's allegiances lie?
Gerardo Papalia16
Central banks and consumer fantasy
John Hinkson25
Why debt is not the main problem
Martijn Konings, Gareth Bryant & Lisa Adkins28
France and Australia in the age of AUKUS
Nic Maclellan32
The most underreported region in the world
Susan Connelly36
The internal dimension of climate change
Robert DiNapoli39
Reconciling Indigenous and Western fire practices
Sally Gardner, Danielle Couch, Mick Bourke, Amos Atkinson & Paul Komesaroff43
Political responses to the rise of climate as super-actor
David Ritter50
Why mathematics education is failing our kids
Marty Ross57
Philosophers have been hounding innocents for thousnds of years
Justin Clemens62
D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo at 100
William Holbrook70
Memory and activism—my father and fieldwork in Turkey
Christopher Mouston74
Review Essay
Imagining Water
Emily O’Gorman’s Wetlands in a Dry Land and Geoff Lacey’s At Home in the Land
Jack Kirne82
Alasdair Cannon’s Holding Patterns
Kathleen Mary Fallon89
Grand Days For Some
James Cotton’s The Australians at Geneva
Alison Broinowski92
Sanctions as Weapons
Nicholas Mulder’s The Economic Weapon
Binoy Kampmark94
Fish Meal / Identity
Anthony London80
the island / Satisfactory / La Reconciliación
Bn Oakman

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