Arena Quarterly no. 3

After the Deluge: essays on defence, democracy, COVID, capitalism, the arts, resilience, and the Murray-Darling

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Arena Quarterly issue no. 3, 2020


Defence After the Rise of China
John Hinkson2
War Within, Rot Without
The collapse of Australian party politics
Guy Rundle4
Pandemic Capitalism
The Great Depression to come?
Joe Collins12
Fuelling 'The China Threat'
Perception and hypocrisy as we rush to supplicate the other superpower
Scott Burchill18
Monuments, memorials and residues of war in Sri Lanka's north
Lia Kent26
The politics of Indigenous vulnerability and extracted futures in northern Australia
Lisa Stefanoff32
'Vernacular violence' in COVID-19 quarantine and detention hotels
Claire Loughnan39
This Is Water
Life on the Darling-Baaka
Dan Schulz47
Cultivating new democratic systems based on ecology itself
Tim Hollo53
Arena Essay
Against Resilience
How did the capacity for bouncing back from adversity turn into a technocratic burden?
Paul James62
Stop Press
Farewell to Arena Printing
Guy Rundle, Melinda Hinkson and Simon Cooper70
Arts and Culture
The political abandonment of the arts may be positive for artists
Justin Clemens78
Review Essay
Make or Mar
Hilary Mantel's The Mirror and the Light
Valerie Krips90
To Let Things Live
Anthropology, images and the breach of distance
Melinda Hinkson95
To the Tune of ‘On the Road Somewhere’
Kevin Hart86
To the Tune of ‘Fahet uns die Füchse’
Trench Art
John Falzon88
All I think about is Jacqueline
The duende came
Trench Art

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