Arena Journal Number Eight, 1997

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Arena Journal issue no. 8, 1997


Only a Comet can save us now?
Simon Cooper1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Har Homes
Jeremy Salt7
Graeme Smith17
Meandering on China's future
Doug White23
The Diaoyu Islands
SanSan Kwan29
Stuart Hall Interview
Travelling '˜The Hard Road to Renewal': A Continuing Conversation with Stuart Hall
Les Terry39
The BioTech Revolution
'˜Witnessing' the BioTechnical Revolution: Maternal Desire And the Insinuation of a New Cultural Form
Alison Caddick59
Theory and Politics
Nuclear Reactions: The (Re)Presentation of Hiroshima at the National Air and Space Museum
Timothy W. Luke93
Let's Talk About Sex: Liberty, Equality, and '¦ Difficult Mutuality
Lorraine Mortimer119
Environmentalism, Postmodernism and Anxiety: The New Politics of Individualism
Paolo Donati173

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