Arena Journal 41/42

EDITORIAL: People, Planet and the Anthropocene

Spectators of Our Own Demise?

Humans now have the capacity to produce synthetic life-forms (since 2010) and to destroy life on this planet as we know it (since 1952). It is only by recognizing this point — that we are now reconstituting the very basis of nature — that adequate acknowledgement of the Anthropocene starts to hit home.


Arena Journal issue no. 41/42, 2014


Spectators of Our Own Demise?
Paul James1
The Romantic Roots of Economic Rationalism
John Zerilli7
'More Things in Heaven and Earth...'
The Theological Aufhebung of Roland Boer
Matthew Sharpe28
Why Do We Place Our Hope in Technology?
A Secular Faith?
John Hinkson59
Post-Growth Economics
A Paradigm Shift in Progress
Samuel Alexander93
At Close Quarters
Re-Encountering the Sensible
Patrick Jones123
Engaged Cosmopolitanism
Reconciling Local Grounding and Distance
Paul James146
Indigenous Sovereignty and the Being of the Occupier
Manifesto for a White Australian Philosophy of Origins
Toula Nicolacopoulos and George Vassilacopoulos174
The Being of the Occupier Is That of a Settler
Response to Indigenous Sovereignty and the Being of the Occupier
Lorenzo Veracini198
People and the Planet
Anthropocene Noir
Deborah Bird Rose206
Rethinking Indigenous Resistance to Globalization
Jeanne W. Simon and Claudio Gonzalez-Parra220
Violence and Urban Governance in Neoliberal Cities in Latin America
Michael Humphrey236
Surviving in Pakistan's Cities
A Complex Web of Challenges and Alternatives
Anita M. Weiss260
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