Arena Journal Number Thirty-Nine/Forty, 2013

Editorial: Editorial - Issue 39/40

Geoff Sharp introduces the Issue

“The general thrust of the contributions to this issue of Arena Journal is transformation. These articles suggest that the organisation and conduct of social life is now changing in ways that unsettle the basic assumptions that have underpinned the whole epoch of modernity…”


Arena Journal issue no. 39/40, 2013


Geoff Sharp1
Strategic Redirections
On Nuclear Proliferation
Alan Robers8
Rebooting Asia: Conflicting Agendas
Gavan McCormack22
Politics, Independence and the National Interest: The Legacy of Power and How to Achieve a Peaceful Western Pacific
Malcolm Fraser37
Democratic Vanguardism': Francis Fukuyama and the Bush Doctrine
Michael Harland51
Flying at Altitude: Obama Balances Disarmament against US Nuclear Primacy
Aiden Warren68
The '˜Joint Facilities' Today: Desmond Ball, Democratic Debate on Security, and the Human Interest
Richard Tanter88
Leo Africanus and the Songhay: The Plundering of Northern Mali, Past and Present
Christopher Wise140
Larger than Economy: Interpreting the Global Financial Crisis
John Hinkson158
MOOCS: Disrupting the University or Business as Usual?
Simon Cooper182
On Eschatology and the '˜Return to Religion'
Matthew Sharpe203
Globalizing Religions: World without End, or the End of Religion?
Paul James and Peter Mandaville229
Art, Utopia and the Aestheticized Self
Matthew Ryan253
Notes on Contributors

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