Stolen Lands, Broken Cultures: The Settler-Colonial Present

Introduction: Why Settler Colonialism?

John Hinkson’s introduction to Issue 37/38 (2012): Stolen Lands, Broken Cultures: The Settler-Colonial Present


Arena Journal issue no. 37/38, 2012


John Hinkson1
History, Time and the Indigenist Critique
Edward Cavanagh116
The Vanishing Endpoint of Settler Colonialism
Elizabeth Strakosch and Alissa Macoun40
Seven Generations Behind: Representing Native Nations
Sarah Maddison63
Embodying the Australian Nation and Silencing History
Mary O'Dowd88
The Colour Lines of Settler Colonialism
Gaia Giuliani105
More than Preserving a Polynesian Paradise
Hokulani K. Aikau129
Spaces Unsettling Conceptions of Wilderness and Nature
Alice Robinson and Dan Tout153
Settlercolonial Landscapes and Narratives of Possession
Tracey Banivanua Mar176
A Settlercolonial Consensus on the Northern Territory Intervention
Melissa Lovell199
Reclaiming the Northern Territory as a Settlercolonial Space
Deirdre Howard-Wagner220
Palestine: Past and Present
Orientalism and Zionism: Dismantling Leon Uris's Exodus
John Docker241
New Jews for Old: Settler State Formation and the Impossibility of Zionism
Patrick Wolfe285
Settler Colonialism: A Global and a Contemporary Phenomenon
Lorenzo Veracini322
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