Arena Journal Number Two, 1993/94

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Arena Journal issue no. 2, 1993


Can a Centre Hold?
Geoff Sharp1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Changing Images of Violence and War in Public And Academic Discourse
Bernd Huppauf7
The Frontiers of our Dreams are No Longer the Same
Ron Burnett19
On Work
Kevin McDonald33
Giddens, Modernity and Self Identity
Colin Hay, Martin O'Brien and Sue Penna45
Governmentality: State and Civil Society
Bureaucrat, Critic, Citizen: On Some Styles of Ethical Life
Ian Hunter77
Government and Modernity: An Essay In Thinking Governmentality
Rob Watts103
Reconceptualizing Civil Society for Now: Some Somewhat Gramscian Turnings
Kai Nielsen159
Educational Corporatism and its Counterpose
Philip Wexler175
The Profane Illumination: Notes on the Benjamin Adorno Debate
Christopher Wise195
Interview: Will Kymlicka
Paul Muldoon and Jason Foster215
Truth and Reality in Social Constructivism
Geof Bowker and Howard Sankey233

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