Arena Journal Number Fourteen, 1999/2000

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Arena Journal issue no. 14, 1999


Towards Global Diversity
John Hinkson1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Annus Horribilis for Neoliberals
Brendan Gleeson and Nicholas Low9
Chechnya '” Politics of the New Barbarism
Roger D. Marwick21
Death by Sashimi: the Survival of the Southern Bluefin Tuna
Richard Tanter31
Kashmir in Political Perspective
John McGuire39
Nationalism and Post-Nationalism
Beyond a Post-Nationalist Imaginary: Grounding an Alternative Ethics
Paul James53
Constitutional Politics in Mullti-National Canada
Peter H. Russell75
Nationalism, Socialism and the Case of Quebec
Kai Nielsen83
England's Occluded Nationalism: State and Nation in English Identity
Ben Wellings99
Valuing Nature: Teresa Brennan's Economic Theory
Michelle Renee Matison113
The Limits of Openness: A Comment on Alastair Davidson and Michael Arnold
Simon Cooper127
Welfare After Work?
Anthony O'Donnell140
Notes on Contributors

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