Arena Journal Number Eleven, 1998

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Arena Journal issue no. 11, 1998


Breaking the Circuit? Intellectuals and the Network
Simon Cooper1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Indonesian Politics after Suharto
Richard Tanter7
The Consequences of Going Nuclear
Praful Bidwai17
The 1998 Indian Election and its Aftermath
John McGuire17
A Postmodern Ireland?
Matthew Ryan33
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment: A Critical Analysis
Graham Dunkley44
Agreeing on Environmental Destruction
Rebecca Nissim52
The Antinomies of Postmodern Neo-Classicism
Llewellyn Negrin61
The Deterritorialization of Culture
Nikos Papastergiadis145
Autonomy, State, Governmentality
An Interview with Nikolas Rose
Nikolas Rose83
Reinventing Good Government
Russell Daine Wright97
Subjectivity and NeoLiberal Economy
John Hinkson119
Nationalism and Post-Nationalism
Paul James143
Hale Bopp's 'ËśCome and Gone': Reply to Simon Cooper
Dawn Dietrich179

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