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‘Your Lives Are Nothing to Me’: Political responses to the rise of climate as super-actor

It was not only the scale of social and material destruction of the world wars but the collective experience of suffering that enabled the post-conflict remaking of societies.

Hard-Wired for Corruption: Arms Trading and Australia’s Lax Monitoring Regimes

There is little dispute among long-term arms industry researchers that it is the most corrupt industry on the planet.

Care in the Time of COVID

Care has become visible in a new way during the COVID-19 crisis. Its availability and limits have become part of the stakes of the crisis.

Against Resilience

In our topsy-turvy world...the ‘abnormal’ has become ‘normal’, to be resilient is now to be relatively comfortable with unsustainable degrees of madness and change.

New Statism: The Banalisation of Violence and the Construction of Fear

Since present-day states are similar to colonial states that practised coercion, the experiences of anti-colonial struggle might be used to inspire struggle against today’s emerging state form.

COVID-19 and the Inconvenient Truth about Prisons

Arena Online


21 Apr 2020

The inconvenient truth about prisons—that they fail us, harm us—has become a painful reality. COVID-19 gives us an opportunity to change.

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24 Oct 2016

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Call for paper proposals — Humanity: Surplus to requirements

26 May 2016

We invite proposals for papers that explore the issue of ‘surplus humanity’. Provocative incursions in the range of 2-3,000 words as well as proposals for fully developed papers of 7-8,000 words are welcomed.

Alone Together

Internalising the horizon of awareness

‘I was just …’

On living justly: how we evade responsibility with a sentence qualifier

Not Yet: Aboriginal People and the Deferral of the Rule of Law

2008: Issue 29/30. Desmond Manderson on how the language of 'emergency' is used to suspend legal principles.