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Making People

Frankenstein (British National Theatre production, dir. Danny Boyle, 2011) and Never Let Me Go (dir. Mark Romanek, 2011)

The Slim Volume Report

Peter Bakowski, Beneath Our Armour (Hunter Publishers, Melbourne, 2009); B N Oakman, In Defence of Hawaiian Shirts (Interactive Press, Carindale, 2010); Petra White, The Simplified World (John Leonard Press, Melbourne, 2010)

Telling Us What We Already Know

Will Hutton's case for 'due desserts'

The intervention in context

Peter Billings (ed.), Indigenous Australians and the Commonwealth Intervention, special issue of Law in Context (Federation Press, Sydney, 2011)

What good is a song?

Graeme Smith

Finding a Language that Speaks to Ourselves

Nonie Sharp

Passion and Politics in Documentary Film

Belinda Smaill

A Place Where Wolves Fuck


On Creative Mythmaking


McSweeney’s Quarterly

Sandra Newman

Eagleton’s Theory

Christopher Scanlon