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Surveil and Commodify: Twenty Years of Google

While one can access many of Google’s services without hitting a pay-wall, one cannot use them without paying hidden costs.

Policy Capture in the Murray-Darling Basin, by Daniel Connell

The retreat from sustainable river management and prospects for change

Trump’s Sideswipe, by Ihab Shalbak

Palestinian refugees and UNRWA

Expand and Centralise: Twenty Years of Google

The first of three articles in the twentieth anniversary year of Google: from garage project to global institution

‘To the Edge of Freedom’: May ’68 and Now, by Alison Caddick

Here, then, in Paris, in one of the heartlands of the Western tradition/logos, in one of the oldest universities in the world, there seems to have been a sense that the whole of existence was being newly lifted into the political.

Incarceration, Autonomy and Resistance on Manus Island, by Behrouz Boochani

Our resistance demonstrated our rejection of violence, affirming our dignity as human beings by imbuing our struggle with peace.

An Invitation to Allege, by Jenny Hocking  

The release of the Lionel Murphy papers conclusively reveals the persecutory nature of the Commission of Inquiry

Trying to Set Up GetUp?, by Amanda Tattersall

‘Associated entity’ or mass social movement?

Syria, by Jeremy Salt

The war the United States cannot allow to end

Me Too, by Alison Caddick

The notion ‘Me too’ carries the connotations of a certain (cultural) narcissism, and yet, or integral with, a frailty around identity

Leviathan in Electric Sheep’s Clothing, by Timothy Erik Ström

Technology, debt and control in China’s Social Credit System

Keeping Us Safe?, by Simon Cooper

The fetishisation of safety points to a larger transformation across Western democracies.