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Religious Value, by Alison Caddick

On both sides of this politics there is an often rabid concern with boundaries and differences—think Manus Island and Border Force, but also no-platforming and trigger warnings.

Abstract and Control: Twenty Years of Google

The systematic prioritisation of advertising, consumerism and commercial interests comes at the direct expense of meaningful forms of political and economic democracy.

‘Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!’, by Bruce Buchan

On the ruins of Western civilisation

Creeping Militarisation? by Paul Barratt

On the proper scope and use of the military

Alt-Right Dreaming, by Alison Caddick

One of the vastly different aspects of anything that can be considered cultural politics today is its expression as identity politics, and as pointed out by others, the alt-Right itself fits this description.

Yemen, by Richard Tanter

Australian mercenaries and the shifting sands of Australia–Middle East alliances

Wage Theft, by Liyan Gao

Transgressing and reforming the law: strengthening workers’ rights through political action

Industrial Relations Pantomime, by Frances Flanagan

The CFMEU reprieve and the Coalition’s culture war

Remembering at Woolgangi, by Skye Krichauff

As a lagoon re-emerges and country heals, an Aboriginal past is revealed

New World or Worlds Unravelling?, by John Hinkson

Korea and Jerusalem: global flashpoints in the new world order

Dutton’s Priority Refugees, by Jeremy Baskin

Civilisation, white farmers and being a South African Australian today

Surveil and Commodify: Twenty Years of Google

While one can access many of Google’s services without hitting a pay-wall, one cannot use them without paying hidden costs.