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Assange Behind Bars, by Felicity Ruby

A visit to Belmarsh maximum-security prison

Julian Assange and the Femocracy, by Gavin Lewis

The UK petitioners—neoliberal feminism and its unequal outrage

F*ck the Gig Economy, by H. C. Gildfind

On the uberisation of everything

Alan Roberts Prize Winner Announced

3 Sep 2019

Arena Magazine and the Arena Publications Editors are pleased to announce that Stephen Pascoe is the winner of the inaugural Alan Roberts Prize for the best essay ‘related to ecology, social life and a politics for the future’. Stephen’s essay is entitled ‘The Cars That Ate Paris’—a reference to the Paris Accord and to the black comedy by […]

The Deal of the Century, by Ihab Shalbak

The fortune of a salesman and the fate of the Palestinians

Before the Next Massacre, by Christopher Houston

Cultural supremacism or shared ordinariness?

A War Footing?, by John Hinkson

The global security emergency and its economic eruptions

Ramsay’s Groupthink, by Nick Riemer

The stock critiques made by Ramsay and its friends on the Right show how little it actually knows about the humanities

Regeneration or Social Cleansing?, by Joanne Knight

The financialisation of housing and its social consequences

Les Murray: Not an Encomium, by Stefano de Pieri

This is about Les Murray as I knew him. It is not an encomium but a story about how I came to know him—if you can ever know someone like him. Stephen Edgar, in a poem entitled ‘The Grand Hotel’—an analogy or disguise for Les’s mind—writes: Apart from that, though, I recall Something you said […]

Mother Hate, by Julie Stephens

Countering the anti-maternal fantasies of the alt-Right

A Vessel for Our Hopes?, by Alison Caddick

Identity and emotion appear to be playing a role in politics neither tapped in opinion polls nor understood very well by politicos of the Left, and the centre-Left especially.