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What ‘Democracy’ Occludes

By Alison Caddick

Editorial: Mining Earth

By Alison Caddick. "...In this issue of Arena Magazine contributors put the lie to many of the claims and fantasies propagated by ‘the miners’ and their political boosters..."

Thatcher’s ‘Miracles’ Live On

With the death of Margaret Thatcher we might reflect that we certainly need political leadership in a new key after the debacles unleashed by the leaders of the 1980s.

Shifting Ground by Alison Caddick

Julia Gillard has announced the date of the next election. As she dons spectacles for the first time in public, perhaps hoping for the well-known ‘halo effect’ of glasses suggesting […]

Producing Refugees (Editorial 1) Permission to Abuse (Editorial 2)

By John Hinkson

Insult and Identity by Alison Caddick

By Alison Caddick

Boats and Borders

By Alison Caddick

Hope-Less Futures?

21 Jun 2012

Women and children feel much safer now we are told. It is only when we go to the ground and recall that any relations between Aboriginal people and police in the present are built upon a deeply fraught history that the prospect of increased policing takes on a different inflection. By Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson

Developing the North

Alison Caddick

Bipartisan Neo-liberalism

Alison Caddick

Reflection on a Time

by Alison Caddick

Cruelty and Outrage

By Alison Caddick