Archive: Arena Magazine Essay

The Triumph of Reason? by Guy Rundle

'Medievalism' and reason in the US election

Australia-US Relations in the ‘Asian Century’

Australia has been captured by the US policy of containing China By Malcolm Fraser

Topographies of an Australian Soul?

21 Jun 2012

Peter Sculthorpe’s music and the myth of the myth of Australian ‘identity’ By Neil Maizels

Overcoming the Arab Malaise

Reflections on history, modernity and revolution

Birds and bird song in poem and painting

Barry Hill and John Wolseley listen to the stories birds tell about the earth

Global Challenges

Can cities take us beyond asymmetric war and environmental violence?

The Idea of the University

Out of the shadow of the neo-liberal academy

Ways to Claim a Country

Gillian Cowlishaw reflecting on the settler consciousness of place and origin

Embedded Anthropology and the Intervention

Barry Morris and Andrew Lattas on cultural determinism and neo-liberal forms of racial governance

Mondragon: Worker co-operation— light in the darkness of the global economic crisis

The current economic crisis will not have been in vain if the world is reminded that grassroots initiative can triumph even over seemingly overwhelming adversity writes Race Mathews

Contracting Out Indigenous Futures

Noel Pearson and Peter Sutton both take an assimilationist turn writes Geoff Sharp

Learning from the Environmentalism of the Poor

Sunita Narain argues for a more logical and democratic answer to the world’s environmental problems.