Call for Australian Boycott of Research and Cultural Links with Israel

Despite widespread international condemnation for its policy of violent repression against the Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories, the Israeli government appears impervious to moral appeals from world leaders. It is clear that while the Palestinians are rightly requested to rein in their extremists, the Israelis have elected their extremists to power. The slow, dehumanising and relentless colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza, that has been continuing unabated in recent years, has now taken an ugly, murderous turn of immense proportions. How long are we, the citizens of a Western democracy, going to accept the silence of our government in the face of the rampages of the Israeli army in the West Bank? How long are we going to look passively at the Israeli crimes of war perpetrated daily and systematically, not as something anomalous, but as a matter of national policy? In the face of our government’s unwillingness or inability to act, civil society must step in to exert pressure against the continuation of this savagely anachronistic act of colonisation. In a globalised world, our passivity as citizens of the world in the face of such inhumanity will stain all of us.

Academics and intellectuals as always can play an important role in fostering the growth of such a non-violent movement within civil society. It is in this spirit that we call for a boycott of research and cultural links with Israel. We urge our colleagues not to attend conferences in Israel; to pressure our universities to suspend any existing exchange or linkage arrangements; and to refuse to distribute scholarship and academic position information. We note that while some academics and intellectuals in Israel oppose the government and some also are involved in cooperative Israeli/Palestinian research projects, the vast majority have either supported the Israeli Army onslaught on the Palestinians, or failed to voice any significant protest against it. The boycott we propose will inevitably also adversely affect those who don’t deserve it, and we regret that this has to happen. We ask our Israeli colleagues and friends to bear with us in solidarity. They know as well as we do that what they will endure because of these boycotts is minimal compared to what the Palestinian people and their academics continue to endure. As with boycotts against apartheid South Africa, urgent international action is now required to stop the massacres perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

Signatories to Boycott Israel Letter (please note that all signatories are signing in a personal capacity; institutional affiliations are given only for identification purposes).

Ghassan Hage, University of Sydney

John Docker, Australian National University

Stephen Muecke, University of Technology, Sydney

Craig Reynolds, Australian National University

Ann Curthoys, Australian National University

Eva Sallis, University of Adelaide

Ray Jureidini, Monash University (currently American Univ. of Beirut)

Ian Watson, University of Sydney

Ien Ang, University of Western Sydney

Jill Julius Matthews, Australian National University

George Morgan, University of Western Sydney

Neil Maclean, University of Sydney

Debjani Ganguly, Australian National University

Graeme Nyberg, LaTrobe University

David Carter, University of Queensland

P.N. (Raja) Junankar, University of Western Sydney

Robyn Moroney, University of Western Sydney

David Wright, University of Western Sydney

Nectarios Costadopoulos, University of Western Sydney

Frances de Groen, University of Western Sydney

Therese Davis, University of Newcastle

Phil Andrews, Monash University

Glenn McConell, Monash University

Stuart Bunt, UWA

Felicity Jensz, Universtiy of Melbourne

Mike Clear, University of Western Sydney

A.G. Khan, University of Western Sydney

Livio Dobrez, Australian National University

Jeannie Martin, University of Technology, Sydney

Glenn Moloney, University of Melbourne

Ray Markey, University of Wollongong

Jock Collins, University of Technology, Sydney

Sebastian Job, University of Sydney

Carol Reid, University of Western Sydney

Taimor Hazou, University of Melbourne

Ned Curthoys, Australian National University

Liz Reed, Monash University

Brett Neilson, University of Western Sydney

Georgine Clarsen, Australian National University

Marsha Rosengarten, University of New South Wales

Marta Romer, University of New South Wales

Helen Macallan, University of Newcastle

Paula Gonzalez, University of Sydney

Bronwen Phillips, University of New South Wales

Meaghan MorrisLingnan, University, Hong Kong

Jane Lydon, LaTrobe University

Glenn Humphreys, University of Western Sydney

Ali Farhat, University of Sydney

Roger Markwick, University of Newcastle

Christopher Forth, Australian National University

Frances Parker, University of Western Sydney

Ibtisam Abu-Duhou, University of Melbourne

Peter Johnston, RMIT

Desley Deacon, Australian National University

Richard Baker, Australian National University

Noel McEwan, LaTrobe university

Lesley Sayer, LaTrobe University

Gerry Gill, LaTrobe University

Lyndall Ryan, University of Newcastle

Sue Gillett, LaTrobe University

Anna Haebich, Griffith University

Subhash Jaireth, Independent Scholar, Canberra

Edward Scheer, University of New South Wales

Michael Mawal, RMIT

John Castles, Independent Scholar, Canberra

Ian Maxwell, University of Sydney

Sara Wills, University of Melbourne

Karen Gai, Dean University of Ballarat

Christine Maher, LaTrobe University

J.L.Harland, RMIT

Bill Deller, LaTrobe University

Bashir Sumar, University of Western Sydney

Paul Tabar, Notre Dame University, Beirut & UWS

Rosemary Webb, University of Canberra

Laleen Jayamanne, University of Sydney

James McArdle, LaTrobe University

Terry Irving, University of Sydney

Ann Genovese, University of Technology, Sydney

Erik Eklund, University of Newcastle

Jeremy Smith, University of Ballarat

Anne Rutherford, University of Western Sydney

George Kouvaros, University of NSW

Stephanie Tarbin, Australian National University

Charles Livingstone, LaTrobe University

Lew Zipin, University of Canberra

Hana Adra, University Of Western Sydney

Trevor Batrouney, RMIT

Bill Adra, University of Western Sydney

Scott Poynting, University of Western Sydney

Jeremy Beckett, Sydney University

David Lemmings, University of Newcastle

Parviz Doulai, University of Wollongong

Peter Vial, University of Wollongong

Caroline Alcorso, University of Sydney

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