Articles by: Tom Nairn

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New Empires, New Anti-Empires

Tom Nairn argues the case for multilateralism

Informit: Nations vs Imperial Unions in a Time of Globalization, 1707-2007

A suggestion that globalization might indirectly lead to the disintegration of the imperial union of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland founded in 1707, is presented. Britain's unpopular involvement in the Iraq War could instigate the other nations in the union to break away and follow the principles of free trade independently, without paying allegiance to the Crown.

Informit: A hidden tipping point?: the rise of the Non-Voting Party at the 5 May UK election has put proportional representation on the agenda

Informit: Ambiguous Nationalism: A Reply to Joan Cocks

The concept of nationalism and its interpretation as ambiguous are addressed. The analysis of Joan Cocks opinion is highlighted and the similarity of viewpoint between Cocks and the author is understood.

Informit: On the modesty of Australia [The Bali Bombing heralded a transformation in national identity.]

Informit: Post-2001 and the Third Coming of Nationalism

The concept and interpretation of nationalism post September 11 and the war on Iraq is discussed. The different views on nationalism as interpreted from different viewpoints are highlighted.

Informit: Black Pluto’s door

Informit: Globalization and the unchosen: leaving America behind [Edited text of a speech given at a conference on globalization and religion organized by the Globalism Institute, RMIT and UCLA, (2002).]

Informit: Dr Britain: Blair – a man without qualities.

Informit: Democracy and genocide

Informit: Scotland, the Blair project and the zombie faction [Assessing the Scottish Parliament, one year on.]

Informit: Old nation, new age?

What will a new Scotland look like? It's called 'Scotland's Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland', and was published by the Scottish government in November 2013. Shortly thereafter it arrived with a thud through our letter-box, all 649 pages of it, weighing in at one and a half kilograms. I can't add a price, since it's free to all on the Scottish electoral roll: the 'White Paper' on our future.