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Simon Cooper teaches in film and literary studies at Federation University. He is an Arena Publications editor.

Informit: Cooper’s last: After Chilcot: War and violence

One of Hillary Clinton's slogans at the democratic convention was the much-tweeted and -repeated phrase 'love trumps hate'. If this worked as a rhetorical strategy against her opponent's more odious pronouncements against minorities, Muslims, women and so on, there was little evidence of it working in the wider world. Clinton's wish to present herself as the antidote to the kinds of hatred and prejudice Trump is channelling only works if we stay within the spectacle-culture…

Informit: No poetry after the arts council?

After being funded by the CIA, and having received over a million dollars in government funding (while consistently railing against public funding for everyone and everything else), Quadrant magazine has sustained collateral damage from George Brandis' cuts to Australia Council funding. No doubt this came as a surprise, given Brandis' conservative attitude to the arts and the general politics of the Abbott/Turnbull government. It didn't take long for Quadrant's editor Keith Windschuttle to blame someone,…

Informit: Cooper’s last: Academic hoaxes and the ‘Ideas Boom’

A few weeks ago on Radio National's Drive program, Patricia Karvelas interviewed Peter Dreier, an urban-studies academic based in the United States, about a 'hoax' he perpetrated on the academy. Dreier had made up a conference abstract composed of deliberately obtuse concepts - 'pure gibberish', in his words - and successfully submitted it to the conference organisers. Karvelas' introduction framed Dreier's act as heroic, with lines such as 'Have you ever wanted to expose a…

Claims to Identity: The Trans Debate, by Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

18 Feb 2016

Should we take Germaine Greer seriously?

Generosity and Barbarism within the Empire of Affect, by Simon Cooper

Displaced compassion in the refugee crisis

Hysterical Freedom, by Simon Cooper

Free speech today is not ‘free’ but a commodity. Our interaction with ‘ubiquitous’ media via screen technologies is a key driver of contemporary capitalism.

Informit: Cooper’s last: Ian McEwan’s ‘The children act’ [Book Review]

Review(s) of: The new atheist novel shows its limitations. Richard Dawkins once remarked that he 'never quite understood why you would need fiction to understand the human condition'. With Ian McEwan's latest novel this reductive judgement seems particularly apt, if not in the way Dawkins intended. If 'The Children Act' contains moments of fine writing, on the whole it is a pale reflection of McEwan's other work, and arguably it is his attempt to write…

Hazelwood is Burning, by Simon Cooper

Inhaling the consequences of market emancipation in the La Trobe Valley

Informit: ‘All you can eat’

Will synthetic meat save the world? The term 'labetarian' entered the lexicon with the launch of the first synthetic meat burger in London earlier this year. The meat, grown in a laboratory using adult stem cells from a cow - was cooked on stage in front of an audience of scientists and journalists, as well as Google founder Sergey Brin who bankrolled much of the project. Food critics who tasted the meat supplied a verdict…

Foundation Arena Articles: Simon Cooper

Article by Simon Cooper from ARENA journal no. 29/30, 2008: Regulating Hybrid Monsters? The Limits of Latour and Actor Network Theory

Informit: ‘I am nobody’: contemporary subjectivity and new surveillance technologies

Informit: ‘Sleep no more’ [What kind of culture feels the need to aim for a world where sleep isn’t necessary?]