Articles by: Scott Robinson

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Scott Robinson is a writer and academic with work published in Overland, Arena, Memo Review, Index Journal and elsewhere. He is a former editor of demos journal and associate editor of Philosophy, Politics, Critique. His website is found here.

Degrowth and the Technocratic turn?

Despite its claim to de-naturalise economic growth, environmentalism’s reliance on naturalist metaphors obscures a technocratic thread, which risks obviating its stated political commitments to democracy.

Damned Rivers: Chronicling the Murray-Darling Basin Region

The whole frame of the region as a Basin system may need to dissolve; it has been too caught in the lingering perception that the Murray is a ‘purposeful’ river, a gathering force that can be harnessed for the nation and capital.

Depreciating the Real: The Never-Ending Disappointment of AI

In this world of depersonalised narcissism, shaped by a uniform corporate directive and the imperative of comfort, convenience and consumption, it would be quite sensible to lose trust in reality.

Play Half-Earth: Planning Fantasies and Eco-Politics

The game simulates a postrevolutionary future in which a planetary sovereign has emerged, and lo and behold, YOU sit at the head of a planning console that governs the next sixty years via successive five-year plans.

Sold Out: The United Australia Party’s Nihilistic Patrician Populism

The reality recognised by the UAP, its candidates, and any genuine supporters seems to be that in an intensely competitive world, we would do well to align ourselves under the protection of a patrician.