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May Curious Eyes Never Run Dry, by Felicity Ruby and Scott Ludlam

On the courage of Julian Assange

Informit: May curious eyes never run dry: #FreeAssange

Within moments of Julian Assange entering a UK courtroom on 11 April 2019, what has been obvious for almost a decade was confirmed: the US government has always intended to extradite and prosecute this publisher for publishing.

End of an Era?, by Scott Ludlam, Raewyn Connell, Judith Brett and Amy McQuire

Reflections on the Coalition's mode of government as 18 May—and a possible change—draws nearer

Informit: End of an era?: Reflections on the state of the polity

At least they can't say we didn't give it a try. There's been a six-year experiment in cultivating the electorate's worst instincts and undercurrents to cover for the government's utter capitulation to economic power.