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Sarah Bailey is a writer and IPEd-accredited editor from Melbourne. She holds degrees in law and English from Monash University and has worked in publishing for nearly 20 years. She is Assisting Editor to Arena’s various publications.

Loaded Words: The Yarra Valley Writers Festival

Resilience is a handy cover: it seems that when people ask others to be resilient, they often mean that they want them to put up with circumstances they wouldn’t themselves enjoy.

School’s Off-Campus, But It Shouldn’t Be Out Completely

Maybe what we have to hold onto is the idea of education as a good in its own right, not a dreary task to be got out of the way before we start the fun stuff, or a series of obstacles to be navigated en route to job-readiness.

Informit: Preoccupied with the circuitry of the species

The highly original art of polymath Edwin Tanner 'No moons, no cows, no trees', wrote Edwin Tanner of his work in a 1962 statement. 'Not even a burnt stump or the inevitable parrot.' This slightly pugnacious rejection of parochialism and the lack of easily recognisable Australian motifs in his art may have something to do with Tanner's relatively low profile. Critics have also overlooked him: he is absent from Robert Hughes' and Bernard Smith's Australian…