Articles by: Samuel Hume

Author Biography:

Samuel Hume is a New Zealand teacher living in London.

New Zealand’s AUKUS Capabilities

The agreement may have locked the country into an alliance with the declining superpower for decades while taxpayers subsidise its massive ‘national security’ budget.

The Subs and the Next War

AUKUS is a poor investment even when judged by the irrational standard of its proponents.

Hypocrisy and shaky premises: New Zealand and the War in Ukraine

The foremost reason for New Zealand’s involvement in the conflict—to demonstrate support for the United States—is the first to be mentioned

World’s biggest spying alliance issues warning about spying

Unfortunately, the irony of “the world’s most complete and comprehensive” intelligence alliance issuing such warnings seems to have been lost on many Western commentators.

‘Fiercely Independent’: Aotearoa New Zealand and US Empire

Aotearoa New Zealand is right to criticise Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but cannot expect these criticisms to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, much of which is all too familiar with such crimes—only committed by those countries now passionately denouncing Russia.