Articles by: Samuel Alexander

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Samuel Alexander is a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs and Research Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne. His recent books include Degrowth in the Suburbs: A Radical Urban Imaginary (2019) and Art Against Empire: Toward an Aesthetics of Degrowth (2017).

Everything Is Thinkable, So What Is To Be Done?

This is not a time of species affirmation; it is the hour of gravest peril. It is also a reopening of human possibility.

Informit: Post-growth economics: A paradigm shift in progress

If the earth must lose that great portion of its pleasantness which it owes to things that the unlimited increase of wealth and population would extirpate from it, for the mere purpose of enabling it to support a larger, but not a better or happier population, I sincerely hope, for the sake of posterity, that they will be content to be stationary, long before necessity compels them to it.

Informit: Occupy Melbourne