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Rhonda Small was formerly Professor and Director of the Judith Lumley Centre for mother, infant and family health research at La Trobe University and a foreign adjunct professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. She currently convenes Progressive Port Phillip, a local community group mobilising action on local democracy in Melbourne’s inner south.

Motherhood as Misery?

Of all the stories we tell ourselves about motherhood, how did we arrive here? Motherhood as misery, as terror?

Informit: Motherhood as misery?

Late in 2019 Michael Leunig penned a cartoon in The Age of a mother pushing a pram while absorbed in her smartphone, apparently neglecting her child, who-without her noticing-had fallen out of the pram onto the ground. A stream of letters to the editor ensued, various interviews confirmed or otherwise the artist's supposed misogyny, and Leunig himself responded in a lengthy article. Leunig has been embroiled in such controversies before, but whatever one thinks of…

Informit: Feminism, Socialism and Gender

An interview with Beatrix Campbell We interviewed you thirty-five years ago, when socialism and feminism were very much meaningful categories, even though the eighties were beginning to change things broadly. It was the first flush of neoliberalism (although we didn't call it that at that time) of globalisation. It was the end of certain forms of work; it was the beginning of massive change that has only accelerated over all those years.