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End of an Era?, by Scott Ludlam, Raewyn Connell, Judith Brett and Amy McQuire

Reflections on the Coalition's mode of government as 18 May—and a possible change—draws nearer

Informit: A new colonial economy

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison leadership of the right-wing par - ties in Australia may now go into the dustbin of history. We in New South Wales are not confident about that, facing as we are the return of the dismal Berejiklian government. Despite spectacular bungling and institutional corruption, the state Liberals saw most of their electoral support hold. Let us pray to the goddess of elections that Morrison does go-bearing in mind that the Coalition leadership that…

Informit: Theorizing intellectuals

A theory about intellectuals has always been one of Arena's main offerings, and one of the most admired. As early as 1970, Warren Osmond's chapter in the collection The Australian New Left called the Arena thesis on intellectuals 'the most lucid and "original" development of Marxist theory anywhere in Australia'. At the same time he noted that the series of articles by Geoff Sharp and others was 'much neglected'.

Informit: Crossing North-South borders [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Women in academia crossing North-South borders: Gender, race, and displacement, edited by Zuleika Arashiro and Malba Barahona, Lexington Books, 2015.