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Informit: Green and Black?: Black or Green?

For some five decades, Australian struggles for Indigenous and ecological rights have followed increasingly braided paths. The first phase of 'green-Black' (or non-government environmentalist-Indigenous) contact was provoked by a mining boom and Australia's growing involvement in the global nuclear cycle in the early 1970s. Northern Aboriginal groups and southern environment organisations sought alliances to bolster their fragile political strength - for instance, to resist uranium mining.

Renegotiating Nature, by Peter Christoff

The need for a complete reorientation of environmental politics?

Informit: Renegotiating nature

Nature has long been 'denaturalised'. Since the 1980s, geographers, cultural theorists, historians and philosophers have problematised terms like 'nature' and 'wildness' as social constructs. Meanwhile the idea of 'wilderness' has been thrashed as racist by Indigenous activists.

Informit: The promissory note

Two shadows hung over negotiations at the Paris climate talks (COP 21). France was in a state of emergency following the terrorist attacks a fortnight earlier. Heavily armed security forces were prominent across the city, climate demonstrations were prohibited, and when they did occur they were quickly shut down. But over the following weeks anxiety was replaced with defiance. A huge sign - Fluctuat nec mergitur, the city's motto since 1358 - appeared on a…

Informit: [Nicholas] Stern’s heart of darkness [The release of Nicholas Stern’s report on the economic impact of climate change has reignited political tensions about the issue.]

Informit: Progress up a tree. [The ALP’s woodchip debacle.]

Informit: Weird Weather and Climate Culture Wars

Two great movies, The Day After Tommorrow and State of Fear, carry environmental debate into the heartland of popular culture and try to use mass entertainment to capture the hearts and minds of millions. Both the movies deal with the core problems of climate change by radiating the doubts and anxieties that frame global warming as an issue of public concern.

Informit: From global citizen to renegade state: Australia at Kyoto

Informit: Building our own asteroid

Informit: The Bali roadmap and beyond: [The highs and lows of the Bali Climate Change Convention. Censure for the United States, lessons for Australia.]

Informit: All smoke and mirrors?: carbon trading in Australia

Informit: Some like it hot [Making sense of the Howard Government’s climate policy.]