Articles by: Paul James

Author Biography:

Paul James is a researcher in the Institute for Culture and Society at the Western Sydney University. He is Scientific Advisor to the City of Berlin, and a Metropolis Ambassador of Urban Innovation. He has been an editor of Arena since 1986, and is author or editor of numerous books including Globalization Matters: Engaging the Global in Unsettled Times (with Manfred Steger, Cambridge University Press, 2019).

Informit: Present tense: protest and private meetings in a globalising world [Editorial.]

Informit: Globalization, Capitalism and the Market: Beyond Ahistorical and Flat-earth Arguments

The historical presence of a globalized market even before the establishment of modern capitalism, as in the case of the ancient Silk Route between Europe and China, is discussed. The relationship between global trade, capitalism and economic development through history is analyzed, also highlighted its key role in social relations.

Informit: Globalisation and empires of mutual accord

Informit: Time and Space, Calendars and Maps: Constituting Social Being

The article assesses the concept of time and space as ontological categories relevant to social practice and meaning. The author discusses in detail different propositions on the subjects of time and space expressing his views on the subject.

Informit: There goes the neighbourhood: insidious underside to the culture of neighbourliness in the United States

Informit: Reconstructing and Reconciling a War-torn World

An increasing number of communities across the world are facing an immediate future of intense violence and social upheaval. The slowness of reconstruction and reconciling in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina are highlighted.

Informit: The age of meta-war: the distancing effects of techno-weaponry and a sanitised global media are altering the structural basis of modern warfare

Informit: In the name of freedom comes a totalizing war-machine

Informit: An International Criminal Court? [A single peak body indicting figures of evil will never get at the complex truths behind crimes against humanity.]

Informit: Stem-cell alchemy: techno-science and the new philosopher’s stone

Informit: The universities in crisis?: Which crisis?

Informit: Abstracting knowledge formation: a report on academia and publishing. [Paper in: Scholars and Entrepreneurs: the Universities in Crisis, Cooper, Simon, Hinkson, John and Sharp, Geoff (eds.).]