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Nick Riemer is an academic in the English and Linguistics Departments at the University of Sydney, writing in a personal capacity.’

Universities and Palestine: three kinds of silence

If antiracism can be switched on and off as a principle—repeatedly asserted in print, but abruptly suspended when the question of Palestine is raised—then its expressions are degraded into mere performances.

Professor Alison Bashford, please reconsider the Dan David Prize: an open letter from academics, researchers and students

This year’s prize rewards scholars who have contributed to advances in and understanding of medicine and public health. In reality, however, accepting it serves to legitimise and normalise Israel’s colonial violence and apartheid.

Informit: Ramsay’s groupthink

The stock critiques made by Ramsay and friends show how little it knows about the humanities Does anyone want to hear another word about the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation? Since the ANU rejected Ramsay last year, the centre may, as its 'chief executive' Simon Haines acknowledges, have been slower than it anticipated in starting collaborations with Australian universities. But the prospect of Ramsay's millions has so far managed to steamroll academics'- including Indigenous academics'-opposition…

Ramsay’s Groupthink, by Nick Riemer

The stock critiques made by Ramsay and its friends on the Right show how little it actually knows about the humanities

Nuit Debout, by Nick Riemer

Nick Riemer

17 Jun 2016

A new, bottom-up movement on the streets of France

Informit: Nuit Debout

Since Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park, the occupation of public space has imposed itself as the Left's globally favoured mode of confrontation with the standing political order. The most recent example - the 'Nuit Debout' ('Up All Night') movement in France - captured public attention at the end of March in the midst of a new tranche of government austerity reforms, showing a stamina through the following weeks that surprised most observers. During long nightly…

University Deregulation, by Nick Riemer

Public higher education needs defenders made of sterner stuff

Informit: University deregulation

Public higher education needs defenders made of sterner stuff. Another parliamentary term, another broadside against the shaky foundations of the Australian welfare state. Following its humiliations over Medicare and the travesty of the Philip knighthood, there would seem to be few other measures left for the government to stake its credibility on than its plans to deregulate universities. Having previously declared his readiness to do 'whatever needs to be done to ensure that our universities…