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Nic Maclellan is a correspondent for Islands Business magazine (Fiji) and a contributor to Pacnews, Inside Story and other regional media. He was awarded the Walkley Foundation’s Sean Dorney Grant for Pacific Journalism in 2020.

PODCAST: Bombs Bursting In Our Air: AUKUS, Australia and the course set for war?

An audio recording of the Arena public discussion hosted by the Institute for Postcolonial Studies (IPCS).

Black mist across the desert

Yami Lester was ten years old when a British atomic weapon, codenamed Totem 1, was detonated at Emu Field on 15 October 1953. The wind carried dust into his eyes. Four years later, he lost all sight.

Pacific Moves: France and Australia in the Age of AUKUS

The notion of France as a Pacific country surprises our closest island neighbours. Members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, for example, see it as a European country and a colonial power.

Informit: Into the Indo-Pacific

French colonialism and regional security For some time Australian governments have seen France as a valuable partner in the Pacific islands region, bolstering the ANZUS alliance against growing influence from China and other 'non-traditional' partners. As he welcomed French president Emmanuel Macron to Australia last May, then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull made it clear that he saw France as a long-term ally in the Pacific.

Informit: Bombs away

From the beginning of the nuclear age, the United States, Britain and France sought distant locations to conduct their Cold War programs of nuclear-weapons testing. For fifty years between 1946 and 1996, the islands of the central Pacific and the deserts of Australia were used to conduct more than 315 atmospheric and underground tests, at ten sites. The Western nuclear powers showed little concern for the health and well-being of nearby Indigenous communities and the…

Informit: Engaging with Melanesia

In 'Arena's' early years, one of the central themes running through the publication was analysis of Australia's engagement with the Pacific Islands. A series of articles expressed solidarity with movements for self-determination and independence in neighbouring Melanesian nations.

Informit: Indigenous rights and the crisis in Fiji

Informit: Losing paradise

Leaders from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) around the world gathered in the Maldives in November 2007, and issued the Male Declaration on the Human Dimensions of Climate Change. Calling for urgent action by developed nations, they 'committed to an inclusive process that puts people, their prosperity, homes, survival and rights at the centre of the climate change debate'. As Australian politicians debate the technicalities of the CPRS Emissions Trading Scheme and how much compensation…