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Neil Maizels is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and composer based in Melbourne.

Informit: Films: Oedipal capitalism

Review(s) of: Oedipal capitalism, Greed, directed by Michael Winterbottom (2020).

Informit: Beguiled by detectorists

Review(s) of: Detectorists, by Mackenzie Crook, BBC, from 2014.

Informit: Outrage

Informit: Patrick Pound: The great exhibition

Review(s) of: NGV Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne, until 30 July 2017.

Moira Finucane’s Gallery ‘Tour’, by Neil Maizels

Neil Maizels

18 Feb 2017

Can art criticism be a dance, or a Vaudeville romp around Australia’s largest art gallery? Can the free (and hilariously droll) musings of a sparkly, adventurous super-woman produce an entertainingly valid criticism of art criticism? The answers are all Yes.

Trump: Unmitigated, by Neil Maizels

Neil Maizels

10 Feb 2017

‘Plug into me, and I will cleanse you of your disaffections—I am the way. And the way is confusion.’ With consummate, and I believe natural, ease he led the flocks to a vast island where frustration and morality vanish: the land of confusion.

Informit: Imaging identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Imaging identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age, by Melinda Hinkson (ed.), ANU Press, 2016.

Informit: Is that what it is!

Capitalism - the family wars <br /><br /> When I was younger, my sister held a particular notoriety in our family.

Informit: Beginning at the end

Review(s) of: Last Cab to Darwin, Directed by Jeremy Sims, 2015).

Informit: Lead graphic

Informit: A far, far better trip

Review(s) of: The trip to Italy, dir. Michael Winterbottom (2014)

Informit: Too Cleaver by half?

'Rake' and the bourn of Australian television True farce-tragic comedy, or comedic tragedy, with its exaggerated idiocy amidst outrageously improbable situations-can be sublime or excruciating. It can extend the reach of mere satire into illumination of the universal human, or reduce it to the glib mouthing of contrived, overworked, unconvincing 'humour'. Sadly, farce hasn't been done really well since the passing of the 'Comic Strip Presents ...' (BBC 1980s) and yet Australians ought to be…