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Neil Maizels is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and composer based in Melbourne.

Informit: Films: Oedipal capitalism

Review(s) of: Oedipal capitalism, Greed, directed by Michael Winterbottom (2020).

Informit: Beguiled by detectorists

Review(s) of: Detectorists, by Mackenzie Crook, BBC, from 2014.

Informit: Outrage

Informit: Patrick Pound: The great exhibition

Review(s) of: NGV Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne, until 30 July 2017.

Moira Finucane’s Gallery ‘Tour’, by Neil Maizels

Neil Maizels

18 Feb 2017

Can art criticism be a dance, or a Vaudeville romp around Australia’s largest art gallery? Can the free (and hilariously droll) musings of a sparkly, adventurous super-woman produce an entertainingly valid criticism of art criticism? The answers are all Yes.

Trump: Unmitigated, by Neil Maizels

Neil Maizels

10 Feb 2017

‘Plug into me, and I will cleanse you of your disaffections—I am the way. And the way is confusion.’ With consummate, and I believe natural, ease he led the flocks to a vast island where frustration and morality vanish: the land of confusion.

Informit: Imaging identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Imaging identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age, by Melinda Hinkson (ed.), ANU Press, 2016.

Informit: Is that what it is!

Capitalism - the family wars <br /><br /> When I was younger, my sister held a particular notoriety in our family.

Informit: Beginning at the end

Review(s) of: Last Cab to Darwin, Directed by Jeremy Sims, 2015).

Informit: Liquid morals? [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Moral blindness: The loss of sensitivity in liquid modernity, by Zygmunt Bauman and Leonidas Donskis, (Polity, 2013)

Informit: Topographies of an Australian soul?

Peter Sculthorpe's music and the myth of the myth of Australian 'identity'Over a mellow but full-bodied Italian coffee, and tuned into a Chinese-made but German-designed digital radio, I listened to the Sunday morning ABC news. There were only a few items - most of them about politicians struggling to balance the impossible splits in the desires and values of their constituents - but the top sports story was a rundown of the overnight results of…

Informit: The ‘Mira-maxim’ of the Hollywood system

Review(s) of: Carol, directed by Todd Haynes.