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Informit: Flagging support

Alternative days for national contemplation and celebration. When it comes to researching the origin of the phrase 'wrap yourself in the flag', Wikipedia isn't very useful. Maybe it was Huey P. Long who coined it, in a warning of what fascism might look like if it came to America, but that's not clear. Scott Morrison wrapped himself tight in one in the lead-up to Australia Day, then, weirdly, launched a war on thongs and board…

Change the Date, by Misha Coleman

Why shouldn’t local government act on ‘Australia Day’?

Informit: Change the date

Why shouldn't local government acton 'Australia Day'? I truly hope someone gives Mark Latham a real job sometime soon his latest contribution is the launch of a campaign to 'save Australia Day'. While promoting some revisionism about what did or didn't happen in 1788, he makes the point that changing the date won't address Indigenous disadvantage, a key point also made by a co-campaigner, Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Price, who argues that changing the date…

Informit: Channel surfing in the USA: obsessive/ compulsive polling and the dim prospects of third party development at ground zero

Informit: Money and the Mekong. [Critique of the Xe Kaman 1 dam project in Laos.]