Articles by: Michelle Fahy

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Michelle Fahy is a researcher and writer investigating the close connections between the weapons industry and the Australian government. Her work has appeared in various independent publications including Progressive International, Declassified Australia, Consortium News and Michael West Media. She is on twitter @FahyMichelle and her archive is at Undue Influence

Hard-Wired for Corruption: Arms Trading and Australia’s Lax Monitoring Regimes

There is little dispute among long-term arms industry researchers that it is the most corrupt industry on the planet.

Unexplained Ordnance: A Missile on Aboriginal Land and a Breakthrough Legal Complaint

Saab, a Swedish multinational, had instant access at the most senior level, to both the state and federal government agencies responsible for dealing with the Saab missile problem, yet Andrew and Robert Starkey were fobbed off by all concerned.

Unexplained Ordnance: Missile in the Western Desert Sparks a Landmark Case

Australia hasn’t seen anything like this case before. In fact, in the world of OECD complaints, it’s a first.

The Bloody Trade

Can Australians trust bland assurances from the defence department that Australia’s ‘strict export controls’ prevent the illegal use or transfer of Australian weapons?

Informit: Cluster bombs

The 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions is the most significant disarmament and humanitarian treaty negotiated in more than a decade. By 24 March this year, 108 countries had signed it, including Australia, and fifty-five nations had ratified it, indicating their intent to be legally bound by the Convention's provisions. Australia is in the process of enacting legislation that will enable ratification of the Convention. The legislation was passed by the House of Representatives in November…