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Micaela Sahhar is a Melbourne-based writer, poet and researcher.

Missing a Nakba in 2021 is unforgiveable

Across a differential and fragmentary geography in all of historic Palestine, the structure of settler colonialism, which has until this point been invisible, is now visible.

COVID Among the Palestinians

As the pandemic raged, it appeared that Israel’s disregard for Palestinian life, an institutionally entrenched position, would be costly not only for Palestinians but for Israelis themselves.

Informit: The assassins

The assassins...

Informit: The map here is useless?: Transformations of resistance in Ramallah

What Do I Know of Ramallah? I have visited Ramallah twice. Each visit as memorable as the other. On both occasions I was issued with a map, and on neither occasion did it serve any practical use. A map of Ramallah is not a map to be taken literally. I recall taking a wrong turn and walking for some hours through the low stone retaining walls and olive groves, at dusk, waiting to come across…

Informit: Palestine’s horizon

Palestine's horizon: Toward a just peace, by Richard Falk, Pluto Press, 2017.

Informit: Jenin

Not weighing up evidence but studying character...

This Is not a Truck, by Micaela Sahhar

Misapprehending terror and recognising resistance in Palestine

Informit: This is not a truck: Misapprehending terror, recognising resistance

The truck-ramming incident in Jerusalem that took place on 8 January 2017 is a reminder to anyone with a passing interest in Israel-Palestine that life remains in a state of abnormality across the geography of historic Palestine. Comparisons have been made in media coverage to the 2016 truck-ramming incidents in Nice and Berlin, which have led to theories of a copycat attack. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has perhaps unsurprisingly drawn a connection between these…