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Informit: The assassins

The assassins...

Informit: The map here is useless?: Transformations of resistance in Ramallah

What Do I Know of Ramallah? I have visited Ramallah twice. Each visit as memorable as the other. On both occasions I was issued with a map, and on neither occasion did it serve any practical use. A map of Ramallah is not a map to be taken literally. I recall taking a wrong turn and walking for some hours through the low stone retaining walls and olive groves, at dusk, waiting to come across…

Informit: Palestine’s horizon

Palestine's horizon: Toward a just peace, by Richard Falk, Pluto Press, 2017.

Informit: Jenin

Not weighing up evidence but studying character...

This Is not a Truck, by Micaela Sahhar

Misapprehending terror and recognising resistance in Palestine

Informit: This is not a truck: Misapprehending terror, recognising resistance

The truck-ramming incident in Jerusalem that took place on 8 January 2017 is a reminder to anyone with a passing interest in Israel-Palestine that life remains in a state of abnormality across the geography of historic Palestine. Comparisons have been made in media coverage to the 2016 truck-ramming incidents in Nice and Berlin, which have led to theories of a copycat attack. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has perhaps unsurprisingly drawn a connection between these…