Articles by: Melinda Hinkson

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Melinda Hinkson is an anthropologist based at Deakin University. She is director of the Institute of Postcolonial Studies, and an Arena Publications editor.

Informit: Aftermath

Informit: Mediations are us: Navigating the information superhighway

When I first sat down to draft this essay, the latest copy of The New York Review of Books carried an essay by Sue Halpern on 'the Internet of Things'.

Informit: Red professor [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Red professor: The cold war life of Fred Rose, by Peter Monteath and Valerie Munt, (Wakefield Press, 2015).

Informit: Tarring the tanami

Bitumen is one of industrial capitalism's great foundational inventions. A well-rolled-out piece of road carries so many transformative effects - on the comfort of the ride, on the rate of accidents, on the longevity of vehicles and, perhaps most crucially for capitalism, on the precious time taken to get from A to B. Rolling out bitumen continues to be the cornerstone of so many nation-making projects, in blind disregard of the environ mental havoc wrought…

Informit: What future for land rights?

Informit: Auctioning Aboriginal art

Informit: The politics of Aboriginality

Informit: Rebranding Australia – in a Different Light?

The six commercials recently produced to be screened internationally as part of the Australian Tourism Commission's (ATC's) 'refreshed brand Australia' are discussed. The new corporate package is aimed at strengthening the emotional appeal of Australia and differentiate it from other countries.

Informit: The post Wik land grab

Informit: Making meaning of the Yuendumu doors

Informit: The circus comes to Yuendumu, again. [Global television comes up against the Warlpiri Media Association.]

Informit: Photography: The eyes have it

Review(s) of: The photograph and Australia, by Art Gallery of New South Wales, 21 March-8 June 2015.