Articles by: Matt Rogers

Author Biography:

Matt is a social worker in so-called Melbourne who is interested in the construction of mental illness in society and seeks to embed radical perspectives into the practice of care.

You’d Have to be Crazy to Work Here: The Precarity of the Workcover Scheme

This indicates that the risk of psychological injury remains disturbingly high and a consequence of this is a loss of experienced workers in areas of the economy where staffing shortages are already endemic.

Beyond Burnout: Finding Meaning in Contradictions

Overcoming burnout doesn’t mean we have to add more and more activities to our schedules to balance our lives at work. Fitting in another yoga class, a run before work and a counselling session on top of all of our other responsibilities may contribute to a feeling of burnout in some, despite how useful these activities may themselves be to others.

Better Access to What?: Australia’s mental health strategy misses the point entirely

Thinking about mental illness as a discrete phenomenon limits the need for broader social transformation to create a healthy and safe society.