Articles by: Maher Mughrabi

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Informit: Collective decision making [Book Review]

Review(s) of: The origins of collective decision making, by Andy Blunden, Brill, 2016.

Paris, and the Caliphate, by Maher Mughrabi

From the ruins of the furnished apartment...

Informit: Hunting Leviathan in the Middle East

A few days after the July 2013 coup that ousted the Muslim Brother hood in Egypt, this slogan appeared on a series of slickly produced posters in Cairo, alongside portraits of General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi that declared the army and the people to be 'one hand'. The 'lying camera' poster was aimed squarely at the television network al-Jazeera, which Egypt's new regime believes is lavishly funded by the Qatari government as a loudspeaker for Brotherhood propaganda.…

Informit: Paris, and the Caliphate

As I type these words it is not at all clear whether the spasm of violence that began in Paris on 13 November has run its course, or indeed whether that spasm is not part of a larger campaign, stretching back to the downing of a Russian passenger jet over the Sinai Peninsula and beyond to Mali and points as yet unknown.