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Linda Briskman holds the Margaret Whitlam Chair of Social Work at Western Sydney University. Her research and activism focuses on Indigenous rights, asylum-seeker rights and challenging Islamophobia. She publishes extensively in each area.

Informit: Spies, lies and the caring professions: Countering violent extremism

During a February 2016 episode of ABC TV's Q and A program, then minister for justice and counter-terrorism Michael Keenan said that teachers were being trained to spot extremists because 'ISIL is targeting people younger and younger... They will exhibit certain behaviours if they have made contact with someone in the Middle East'. On the same panel, Labor's shadow minister for foreign affairs Tanya Plibersek said, 'our best ally in keeping Australians safe is making…

Spies, Lies and the Caring Professions: Countering Violent Extremism

The training of caring professionals in contact with young people is stealthy. It includes social workers, teachers, doctors, nurses and psychologists—in short, just about anyone young people should be able to trust and turn to when they face difficulty…

Informit: Sanctions against Iran

Violating the human rights of the Iranian people: the sanctions regimeThe issue of sanctions against Iran surfaced this year in the Australian media following revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald of what appeared to be inadvertent sanctions-circumvention by Qantas, resulting in sales of decommissioned aircraft to the Islamic Republic.