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Lauren Mellor has been a regional and remote community organiser for Protect Country Alliance, a Territory-wide network of communities, civil-society groups and landholders advocating for the protection of water, country and climate from the risks of fracking gas fields. She has worked for over a decade with Territory communities impacted by resource extraction to achieve industry and government reform through improvements to policy, law and practice. She is currently working on the development of Indigenous community-owned solar projects, and is a regular contributor to policy journals and public discourse on resource extraction, human rights and climate justice.

Fracking on Trial in the Northern Territory

As carbon dioxide in our atmosphere pushes 410 parts per million, fuelling a dangerous climate emergency, the world simply cannot afford to let the Northern Territory become the fossil-fuel industry’s next fracking frontier.

Informit: Keep the poison out of Muckaty

Fighting nuclear waste dumps in the Northern Territory.On 15 July 2005 the Howard Coalition government announced plans to build a national radioactive waste facility in the Northern Territory. The plan was a clear reversal of policy taken to the 2004 federal election explicitly promising not to target the Northern Territory. Science Minister Brendan Nelson initially named three parcels of Defence land as possible dump sites, remarking, 'Why on earth can't people in the middle of…