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Kevin Murray is editor of Garland magazine and secretary of World Crafts Council – Australia.

Government abandons the arts: what’s to be done?

Rather than an organic ‘culture’ with its own shared meanings, the arts ‘industry’ is an aggregate of individual interests.

Informit: Crafting futures

While Thomas Piketty's 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' (2013) mounted a convincing analysis of terminal capitalism from a macroeconomic perspective, it is yet to translate into policy. The fear is that the 1 per cent are too embedded in the political machine to allow for an attack on their interests.

Informit: The Sapphires stay at home

The resounding success of 'The Sapphires' seems a significant moment in Australian culture. The film has not only been a popular hit with mainstream audiences, it has also received the top AACTA awards in the industry, winning best film, director and female actor. This energetic comic tale is seen as a 'positive Indigenous story', by contrast to the hard truths of films such as Samson and Delilah. I certainly enjoyed the powerful Deborah Mailman, the…

Informit: Diamonds are for everyone

Melbourne has recently become the site of a radical jewellery practice that seeks to question the conventions of value, particularly in monetary form. This group sits within the marginal but globally diverse realm of contemporary jewellery.

Informit: Connell turns South

The wheel spins once more for the Global SouthThere was a raffle wheel at the entrance to the exhibition 'Turn the Soil'. Rather than numbers, the nails around the rim were adorned with flags. Each flag represented an alternative colonisation of Australia. Instead of the Union Jack in the left hand corner, there were rising suns, stars and stripes and the Indigenous black, red and yellow. The idea was to reflect on the contingent nature…

Informit: The uses of craft [Book review of Sennett, Richard. The Craftsman (2008).]

Informit: Tale of two info cities. [Ipswich, Queensland and Tamworth, New South Wales.]