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End of an Era?, by Scott Ludlam, Raewyn Connell, Judith Brett and Amy McQuire

Reflections on the Coalition's mode of government as 18 May—and a possible change—draws nearer

Informit: Leadership

One of the first pieces I wrote for Arena was a review essay on Graham Little's theory of political leadership. Little was a political psychologist and I have been thinking about his work as we have watched Scott Morrison trying to transform his leadership style in the wake of the massacre in Christchurch from the hard-nosed strongman who protects our borders and keeps us safe into a huggy bear of a man lovingly embracing us…

Informit: Good folk trooping all together [Paper in: After the Deluge? Rebuilding Labor and a Progressive Movement. Blue Book No. 9, 2004, Australian Fabian Society Pamphlet No. 64.]

Informit: John Howard and the Australian legend: [This article will appear, fully annotated, as a chapter in Brett, Judith. Australian Liberals and the Moral Middle Class: From Alfred Deakin to John Howard (2003).]

Informit: Why John Howard can’t say sorry [Edited version of the fifteenth Hugo Wolfsohn Memorial Lecture at La Trobe University on 18 October (2000).]

Informit: Kennett’s big gamble. [Church opposition to the Kennett government’s promotion of gambling.]

Informit: Political cynicism and the Head of State

Informit: The circus is in town. [Review article.]

Informit: The best bloke for the job: the Liberals’ current eulogizing of Bob Menzies shows that politics has always been a man’s world; but Liberal and Labor have chosen to confront this issue in different ways.

Informit: Republicanism, the clash of symbols.

Informit: On the network

Informit: A body of work [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Review(s) of: Noel Counihan: Artist and Revolutionary, by Bernard Smith, Melbourne, OUP, 1993.