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John Hinkson lectured in the Education Faculty at La Trobe University for many years. He is a longstanding Arena Publications Editor.

Informit: Can transcendence have a social meaning?

Charles Taylor's 'A Secular Age' is a sustained attempt to convey the intellectual pathways and ethical and social trajectories of the past four centuries of development in the West, including the trans - formations of ways of life, and the relation of these changes to Christianity and Christendom. It is a complex book with multiple themes that engage significant elements of Western culture over time. In this essay I will seek to assess his account…

Informit: Global Engagement or Global Disruption? [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Choosing Openness: Why Global Engagement Is Best for Australia, by Andrew Leigh

Learning from Las Vegas, by John Hinkson

Autonomous mass killers—terrorism from within?

Informit: Trump and the fascist prospect

The vote for Brexit in the United Kingdom and the election of Donald Trump in the United States are signs that the Western world has entered a period of deep uncertainty. Ostensibly this is because of the radical rejection of mainstream political leaders. Publics are ready to support almost anyone who comes from outside the established parties. However this rejection can be seen to stand for something much more general.

Informit: Learning from Las Vegas

Autonomous mass killers-terrorism from within? The massacre in Las Vegas carried out by Stephen Paddock is one more affront to our sense of an ordered world, of being able to take our everyday social world for granted. Is it possible to categorise this event and give it social meaning? The category 'terror' helps, but this turns out to be complicated.

Trump and the Fascist Prospect, by John Hinkson

The socio-cultural conditions of the collapse of liberal democracy

Informit: Trump and the fascist prospect

To say the least, the Trump administration has encountered serious resistance in its first five months, from social movements on the street to, more significantly from a power perspective, resistance from what can be reasonably called the bureaucracy - what Steve Bannon refers to as the deep state. This is so especially if we include in that term the judicial institutions that have not allowed Trump's orders to restrict the movement of Muslims and also…

Informit: 18C: Whose free speech?

The Australian government must maintain strong and effective prohibitions against racial vilification. Sections 18C and 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act have a vital role to play in stopping the spread of racial hatred and discrimination in our community. They set important standards that discourage racism and encourage people to speak out, and they provide an avenue for relief to those who are vilified. Weakening these laws now would give a green light to racism.

Foundation Arena Articles: John Hinkson

Four articles by John Hinkson and a reply by Boris Frankel, from Arena issues spanning 1982 - 1992: 'Beyond Imagination? Responding to Nuclear War', 'Post-Lyotard: A Critique of the Information Society', 'Misreading the Deeper Current: The Limits of Economic Rationality', 'A Postmodern Market Society?' (Frankel), and 'Ships in the Night: A Reply to Boris Frankel'

Trump’s Trajectory? by John Hinkson

The stakes are high and feelings volatile. This is where we are now.

Informit: Trump’s trajectory?

Informit: Globalization and the new world order

The idea that a new world order is emerging cannot be simply thought about in regional or local terms, although local expressions are everywhere. Historically there are many examples of what can be called new world orders. The rise of the state system of sovereignty, often dated from the seventeenth century and emerging from the European Thirty Years, War, is one example within this general category. The emergence of the British imperial/colonial order, arising out…