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John Hinkson lectured in the Education Faculty at La Trobe University for many years. He is a longstanding Arena Publications Editor.

Informit: Financial fictions

The drama of the GFC is unforgettable for those who lived through it. It was as though the whole world was on a precipice, not for a day or a week but for months, with radical uncertainty about who and what could be trusted financially, an issue that remains to this day. Globally, some of the largest banks were closing. In the United States property prices were falling dramatically. Exporters and importers could not get…

Whither Religion in a World of Compounding Crises?

Introduction to Arena Journal no. 49/50, June 2018. By Stephen Ames, Ian Barns, John Hinkson, Paul James and Gordon Preece

New World or Worlds Unravelling?, by John Hinkson

Korea and Jerusalem: global flashpoints in the new world order

Informit: New world or worlds unravelling?

Informit: Whither religion in a world of compounding crises?

Though a significant minority across the world enjoy the gross material benefits of a prodigiously productive global economy, our planet is at the same time beset by escalating system-level crises. Deep economic inequality is intensifying both between and within national polities. Ecological degradation is calling into question the future of the earth as we know it, with disruptive climate change only the most prominent issue. Global (dis)order is stoking increased militarisation, including the possession of…

Informit: Introduction to part II

This section is composed entirely of an essay written by Geoff Sharp. The essay was not finalised before Geoff died in 2015. It contains some unfinished sections, and has been edited by the 'Arena Journal' editors so that it is largely complete. Needless to say, if Geoff had had more time he may well have taken this contribution a further stage.

Informit: Can transcendence have a social meaning?

Charles Taylor's 'A Secular Age' is a sustained attempt to convey the intellectual pathways and ethical and social trajectories of the past four centuries of development in the West, including the trans - formations of ways of life, and the relation of these changes to Christianity and Christendom. It is a complex book with multiple themes that engage significant elements of Western culture over time. In this essay I will seek to assess his account…

Informit: Global Engagement or Global Disruption? [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Choosing Openness: Why Global Engagement Is Best for Australia, by Andrew Leigh

Learning from Las Vegas, by John Hinkson

Autonomous mass killers—terrorism from within?

Informit: Trump and the fascist prospect

The vote for Brexit in the United Kingdom and the election of Donald Trump in the United States are signs that the Western world has entered a period of deep uncertainty. Ostensibly this is because of the radical rejection of mainstream political leaders. Publics are ready to support almost anyone who comes from outside the established parties. However this rejection can be seen to stand for something much more general.

Informit: Learning from Las Vegas

Autonomous mass killers-terrorism from within? The massacre in Las Vegas carried out by Stephen Paddock is one more affront to our sense of an ordered world, of being able to take our everyday social world for granted. Is it possible to categorise this event and give it social meaning? The category 'terror' helps, but this turns out to be complicated.

Trump and the Fascist Prospect, by John Hinkson

The socio-cultural conditions of the collapse of liberal democracy