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Gender in Transition, by Jo Taylor-Violet

Understanding our limits as we allow a space for ‘transition’

Informit: Gender in transition

Following Valerie Krips' article on children's literature, I want to add some adjunctive comments. In particular, I want to explore further the important notion of a holding space or genuine 'transition' within the 'trans' in transgender, something that is missing in children's literature, and elsewhere. There is a current tendency for the phenomenon of 'transgender' (and how we think about it) to be more towards the change from one certain position to an equally certain…

Informit: Losing Oneself in the Mind and Body of Another

Sexual minefields and the world of transgender While listening recently to Radio National's 'The Minefield' on the subject of understan ding sexuality in the wake of the 'Weinstein Effect', I found myself alarmed but fascinated by the extraordinarily provocative viewpoints of the main speaker, Dr Caroline Norma, a research fellow in global, urban and social studies at RMIT University.