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Informit: Brave foresight in hindsight

When sorting through some old papers recently, I came across an article in the March 1970 issue of the then popular magazine Walkabout (1934-74) that was entitled 'Australia in 2030'. It was brave attempt to look sixty years ahead and paint a picture of the kind of Australia we will have eleven years from now. It was a very thoughtful and well-written article, authored by two well-known biologists, F. H. Talbot and H. F. Recher.…

Our Climate-Change Apathy, by Ian Bayly

Gifting our grandchildren a living hell

Informit: Our climate-change apathy

Gifting our grandchildren a living hell At the age of eighty-four I am, like most octogenarians, acutely aware of my own mortality. Will I live for another five years? Dare I hope for another ten? What will cause my death? Will pneumonia, which has visited me twice in recent years, get me in the end? Nobody knows the answer to these questions, but it is highly likely that I will die of natural causes. But…